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Your are in charge of your Health files. No more scattered documents, miscommunication, or lost records. Vitalls becomes your health companion, housing your complete history from cradle to present, accessible anywhere, anytime thanks to our advanced AI solution.

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Hey, have you ever thought about having all your health data right at your fingertips? Well, Vitalls is an app that lets you take control of your health story, connect with practitioners easily, and make informed decisions about your health. The best part? It's all on your phone. Your health history, right there whenever and wherever you need it. It's like carrying your health journey with you, just a tap away.


Our mission is to ease and streamline the access to your health records. We believe a unified health records that put users in control is simply the future of digital healthcare. Accessing a comprehensive health information should be an individual fundamental right and Vitalls is a solution that has been built to serve this purpose.


We believe every individual should own their own protected health history and we envision a healthcare ecosystem where users are at the center, data is their power, and Vitalls is the bridge to a healthier tomorrow.


The founder was inspired to create the app after experiencing the challenges of managing scattered health records throughout his life. He realized the need for a user-centric solution that could provide comprehensive and borderless health history in moments of emergency where language barriers can also be a matter of complexity. Vitalls emerged as a crucial tool empowering individuals with seamless access to their health information, ensuring continuity and efficiency in healthcare services.

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Who We Are :

Vitalls is more than just a platform; it’s an advanced AI solution set to creating a future where accessing your health data is seamless, borderless and empowering. Our platform allows you to securely store your health history and effortlessly share it with any healthcare provider you selected. Our cutting-edge AI solutions will simply enhance your overall healthcare journey.

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What We Do :

We provide a secured user-centric solution to centralize, store and accessing your complete health history. We connect you with healthcare providers, facilitate information sharing, and empower you to make informed decisions about your well-being.

Centralized Health Record:

Your health story, always accessible, always yours.

User-Controlled Access:

Grant or deny access, it's your data.

Streamlined Care:

Your health data available across borders.

Informed Decisions:

Make better choices, backed by your complete health history.

Cost-Efficent Healthcare:

Eliminate duplicate tests, save time, and drop expenses.

Vitalls offers a unique approach to managing your health journey, focusing on providing accessible, user-controlled, and secure solutions. Your health story is consolidated in your personal centralized hub, eliminating scattered files and communication issues.

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Encrypted Files

Vitalls gives you full control over your health information. We employ advanced computer science techniques to safeguard your data With robust encryption protocols, Your health information is scrambled to prevent unauthorized access.. Plus, our ability to analyze, translate, and decrypt documents adds an extra layer of privacy. Only user can decrypt the documents - You are in charge.

Unparalleled Data Privacy

Through our platform, users dictate who can access their data and which information is shared. Rest assured, your sensitive information remains confidential, never disclosed without your explicit consent. Trust us for unwavering user data security.

Sustainable Healthcare Approach

Access your health history worldwide, anytime, in any language. Vitalls translates documents, through our platform, redundant tests and procedures are eliminated, preserving valuable time and resources and ultimately lowering healthcare expenses. Placing you at the core of our system, we empower better treatment decisions, and enhance patient outcomes

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